I don't wanna talk (I just wanna dance) | Penana
I don't wanna talk (I just wanna dance)
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I don't wanna talk (I just wanna dance)
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"Shh- I don't wanna talk," Dream shushed the brunette, smiling as he held him in his arms, "I just wanna dance; enjoy the moment," The two danced together as they waited for Sapnap to get home. What would happen if Sapnap walked in on the two "claimed to be platonic" best friends dancing together? Dream could only imagine the comments he'd get from his friend. George relished the idea of it. He knew he'd surely be embarrassed and would deny any claimed feelings thrown at him, but he'd enjoy it. He'd enjoy it because him and Dream wouldn't be the only two that knew there was definitely something going on between the two, and that made the brunette ecstatic. 

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