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Book Reading Club
The purpose of this society is to join up and read each other stories. When we get enough members, we'll read one book per week and comment on each other stories with helpful feedback etc. …
191 Members
Find Your Writing Buddies!
This society for users to connect and find their writing buddies! Welcome Everyone! …
10584 Members
Users Feedback
Dear Penana Users, Please submit your Feedback here to help us improve our platform! Thanks again for being our first batch of users! Cheers! Penana …
284 Members
Are you from wattpad? Share your stories here. …
239 Members
Young Adult Fiction Society
Do you write young adult fiction Do you like to read it? Come join us in writing, reading, sharing,m reviewing, discussing, and enjoying YA fiction! …
56 Members
You apart of Quotev? Come and find others there as well. …
10 Members
hello and welcome to my group, I have made this group to partnership all sorts of people into one place... rather your a writer, artist, beta reader, idea contributor or just really like reading I plan on finding a role for you in this group. …
7 Members
好友聊天 書評 交友 建議 漫畫聊天 吃貨大隊 歡迎來喔
大家聊聊天阿 建議自己的故事阿 交個朋友 評論 提供資料阿 …
2 Members
New Adult Fiction Society
Are you writing under New Adult Fiction? Is your story's MC between 18-30 years old? Then join this society! …
39 Members
Writer's Block
Even the best of us get writer's block, but we can help each other overcome that. Whether it's naming something (or someone), figuring out what to do next, or a whole new story idea. We can overcome this little obstacle together. …
5 Members
Penulis dan Pembaca Bahasa Melayu
Hai ....I'm Siti Eliza from Malaysia and starting a society specifically for Malay language writers and readers who enjoys erotic and sexual stimulated stories. It is only for mature adults. Persons below 18 are warned to recuse themselves from joining. …
19 Members
《驚夢。天敵》 …
3 Members
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