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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Are you looking for someone to read over your work and offer constructive criticism on plot, grammar, characterization, etc? Or are you the person that likes to give the constructive criticism and read stories before they are delivered to the public? … more
1166 Members
Anime Roleplay
Role play in any anime universe you want. Each universe will have it's own thread with some crossovers if wanted. … more
27 Members
Writer's Block
Even the best of us get writer's block, but we can help each other overcome that. Whether it's naming something (or someone), figuring out what to do next, or a whole new story idea. We can overcome this little obstacle together.
91 Members
Lesbian Story Society
a society for lesbian stories and authors to share their work. everyone welcome
139 Members
想跟別人一起合作寫出故事? … more
37 Members
這裡專門收集「閱讀後感」「作品評論」「作品討論」。 歡迎書評人寫作評論,讀者發起討論,作者要求評論。 標題請以【書評】【討論】【求評】為起首,方便閱讀分類。 請以Penana內的作品優先。
247 Members
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