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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Are you looking for someone to read over your work and offer constructive criticism on plot, grammar, characterization, etc? Or are you the person that likes to give the constructive criticism and read stories before they are delivered to the public? … more
625 Members
Fan Fiction Writers
People who write (and read) fanfictions.
20 Members
#Fifty Shades Of The Universe
Join me, for we all have one thing in common. Imagination. It goes through our everyday lives, why fight it? Why keep it lock away for so many days where it begins to torture you to? Why not just let it flow? This Society is made for those who can't take it much longer. For those who's minds are… more
14 Members
Rebirth Of All Potential Writers
Looking for writers to gang up with to write a book of adventure, romance and comedy? Think of this society then. Here you'll be able to create works of masterpiece and get others opinion on it. Join me, and fill free to be you.
13 Members
New Adult Fiction Society
Are you writing under New Adult Fiction? Is your story's MC between 18-30 years old? Then join this society! … more
135 Members
Penulis dan Pembaca Bahasa Melayu
Hai ....I'm Siti Eliza from Malaysia and starting a society specifically for Malay language writers and readers who enjoys erotic and sexual stimulated stories. It is only for mature adults. Persons below 18 are warned to recuse themselves from joining. … more
354 Members
Lesbian Story Society
a society for lesbian stories and authors to share their work. everyone welcome
44 Members
Lord, what fools these mortals be!
4 Members
羌管悠悠霜滿地,人不寐,將軍白髮征夫淚。 寄蜉蝣於天地,渺滄海之一粟。哀吾生之須臾,羨長江之無窮。
9 Members
希望藉此幫助他人宣傳他的書藉!!! … more
16 Members
Penulis dan Pembaca Bahasa Indonesia
Hi, harapan besar bisa mengumpulkan para penulis dan pembaca Indonesia untuk saling berbagi, berkontribusi. Ayo membaca, kemudian menulis Selanjutnya mari berdiskusi tentang apapun yang berkaitan dengan tulisan maupun bacaan. X3
86 Members
179 Members
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