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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Are you looking for someone to read over your work and offer constructive criticism on plot, grammar, characterization, etc? Or are you the person that likes to give the constructive criticism and read stories before they are delivered to the public? … more
1063 Members
For Harry Potter Fanfiction and All Things Related
A free society to discuss anything and everything Harry Potter related with others. From Fanfiction to theories to just odd comments or observations you had or saw while reading/watching the movies/books.
46 Members
New Adult Fiction Society
Are you writing under New Adult Fiction? Is your story's MC between 18-30 years old? Then join this society! … more
346 Members
Lesbian Story Society
a society for lesbian stories and authors to share their work. everyone welcome
126 Members
想跟別人一起合作寫出故事? … more
36 Members
Penulis Indonesia
Hi, yang penulis dari Indonesia ikut join ya, biar nambah teman dan bacaan juga.
60 Members
歡迎大家關注我們墨傑奇三位,謝謝。 也可以在這裡推薦自己的作品,大家互相認識一下。 如果進步來也可以在墨傑奇日誌發文,謝謝。
4 Members
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